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Disabled account after Capital One Login

Recently there have been many complaints that users are not able to access their account after Capital One Login. While the bank may communicate the reasons for the deactivation of your account and tell you what you can do to activate the same, why should we wait for the account to be deactivated? In this blog, we will tell you some preventive measures that you can undertake to avoid landing in the same situation as others and the causes that lead customers toward the deactivation of accounts.

Preventive Steps to be taken

There are some steps that could be taken by you in order to prevent your account you should definitely follow the things mentioned below:

  • Making regular transactions so that it does not seem that you do not use your account and it is a dormant account.

  • After Capital One login, opt for text messages and email alerts so that they can inform you whenever your account balance seems low. So that you can immediately deposit the money in your account to maintain on minimum required balance.

  • Avoid using cheques if your bank account does not have enough balance to clear out the cheque deposited. Try to check your balance and deposit the amount if required and then make any transaction using a cheque.

  • If you have set up an automatic deduction from the account for your monthly bills and recharges, then try to check them as often as you can and keep maintaining your balance as per the transactions.

  • Do not try to exceed the monthly limits. Because according to the policies you can make only a certain number of transactions to a particular account in a month. Therefore, try not to cross that number and perform limited transactions.

  • Link your bank accounts so that if there is a decrease in the balance of one account the money could easily be deducted from the other linked account for balance maintenance.

  • At the end of every month check the statements of the transactions and review them. In case of an error contact your bank branch or talk to them through their Customer Care Services.

Reasons for Account Deactivation

If you are going through the situation of your account deactivation after Capital One Login and are confused about the reasons, then it could be because of the following causes:

  • Illegal business activities

  • No maintenance of the required balance

  • Unusual deposit of money in high amounts

  • Overdraft balance

  • Non-Payment of loans taken from the bank

  • Change of Bank location

  • A breach in the account security

  • Too many bounced cheques.

Summing it up

To conclude this blog, there are so many other preventive actions that could be undertaken by the customer. Above mentioned steps are just a few of them but if you follow each one of them then you should not face any problems after Capital One Login. But, in case you are still having the issues then call customer services and raise your issue with them. And before disabling your account the bank will always contact you for the issue and ask you to either rectify it or they are going forward with the deactivation process.

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